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  • Service objectives

    Beyond Customer Expectations, All for Customer, Create Customer Value

  • Service Commitment

    Taking management norms as the cornerstone, market expansion as the platform, product innovation as the pillar, technological progress as the bridge, quality excellence as the guarantee, and the operation level of modern first-class enterprises as the management objective.

  • Pre-sale service

    Actively do a good job in product publicity, mainly according to the use and needs of customers, to provide the best products with excellent performance and price. Provide reasonable battery configuration according to customer needs. Our principle is that as long as you put forward the problem at hand, the rest of the work will be done by us.

    In-Sale Service

    All Ahen batteries sold will be delivered to the designated destination according to the customer's requirements, so as to maximize the customer's approval.

    After-sale service

    1. For Ahern batteries sold, we set up Customer Archives to provide follow-up service.
    2. After the sale of Ahern batteries, telephone tracking should be carried out at any time, and thorough inspection should be carried out at least once a year, and battery usage should be reported to customers, so as to reassure customers.
    3. Provide solutions within one hour when customer complaints occur. Including on-site recovery plan and return processing plan until customer satisfaction. The aim is to minimize customer troubles.
    4. Normally, the returned goods will be inspected within two weeks of arrival, which is the responsibility of our company. For reasons other than battery and UPS power supply, we will issue corresponding reports to guide the use of customers.